18K Red Gold | Sapphire

Limited edition of 8 watches



Grade 5 Titanium | Sapphire

Limited edition of 8 watches



A new mechanical masterpiece

ASTRONEF propels us into the exclusive world of uncompromising modern watchmaking. It is heir to both ancestral know-how and an unyielding desire to create the design of tomorrow. Its character combines adrenaline and contemporary art.

18K Red Gold | Sapphire
Limited edition of 8 watches


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Astronef LM-105.50.60

Caliber LM105

Manufacture Calibre - Flying Satellite Double Tourbillon


21600 VPH (3 Hz)

48 hours

Jewels: 56

Sapphire Top:
41.6 mm

18K Red Gold Base:
43.5 mm

Hours and Minutes

Hours and Minutes

10 meters


24 mm

Folding clasp

18K Red Gold | Sapphire

Swiss made

The essence of design

The ASTRONEF mechanism required more than three years of research. Given its totally innovative character, its development was even considered impossible at various stages of research and almost discontinued. The fact that ASTRONEF was finally able to see the light of day was due to the concerted efforts of the finest watchmakers and engineers.

Today, one can safely state that ASTRONEF is one of the most important superwatches.

A complex dial

The dial is made from a plate measuring a total 0.6 mm thick, from which 0.2 mm is then hollowed out to reveal the numerals and a rack, in order to create a depth effect facilitating readings.

The ensuing deep black DLC treatment creates a striking contrast with the rhodium plating and endows it with a two-tone hue. Finally, a circular satin-brushed finish is applied to instil it with undeniable strength of character.


The technical construction of the case is unusual:

  • a sapphire container mounted on an 18K gold frame
  • openworked lugs and case middle
  • a sapphire dome and welded inner bezel ring

Technology serving aesthetics

Two tourbillons rotating in opposite directions at high speed. 

They cross paths 18 times per hour (every 3 minutes and 20 seconds) and are built on two different levels.

This gives life to a captivating animation, which unfolds before the wondering gaze. In all, six distinct elements are in motion: two satellite tourbillons rotating around the dial, as well as their two cages and their two counterweights.

ASTRONEF has been designed to instil a sense of movement, whatever the angle from which it is viewed. Fluid on the outside, original on the inside, it features an absolutely unique and distinctive aesthetic.

A mysterious mechanism

The mechanism is hidden in the base of the frame, which is only 3.75 mm thick. The advantage of this construction is that it clears the stage to enhance the magic of the show being staged.

Secrets of the mechanism

Double tourbillon

For enhanced accuracy

Perfect rotation and poising of the rotating elements

Five ball-bearing mechanisms with seven ceramic bearings
One ball-bearing mechanism with nine ceramic bearings

Two barrels

Each supplies its energy to the tourbillon

Ultra-complex mechanism

471 components

Virtuoso assembly

A single movement crafted per month

Spectacular tourbillons

The tourbillon cages are geometrically shaped. The weight of a cage is only 0.25 grams, in order to guarantee the correct speed through fine poising.

Each cage rotates in 60 seconds and requires perfect poising, which also relies on an 18K gold counterweight weighing 0.4 grams.

Original time-setting

Placing the selector on the back of the case enabled a gain in volume and this device plays two distinct roles: time-setting or winding. The crown is no longer pulled out; it is used to set the hands or to wind the mechanism.

A themed presentation box

A presentation box is specially made for each ASTRONEF

Finely crafted by an artisan, it notably features a straw marquetry motif in various shades and the buyer can choose from several different graphic design alternatives.

Astronef, an exclusive creation

Only eight ASTRONEF watches will emerge from Ateliers Louis Moinet in Saint-Blaise, a number meaning that only eight owners will jealously safeguard this elite embodiment of contemporary watchmaking technology.

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