Dragon Tourbillon - Collection by Louis Moinet

Dragon Tourbillon

Louis Moinet presents the DRAGON Tourbillon, its new one-of-a-kind art watch.

The Dragon A legendary creature and symbol of power, the Dragon is a gigantic, scaly reptile that can fly. It symbolises the forces of nature and should therefore be treated with caution as, like nature, it can be dangerous. The Dragon is strongly rooted in human culture, with objects representing it being found in a tomb over 3,500 years ago!

Thin and airy, powerful and revered, the Dragon watches us with its demon eyes. It has the body of a snake, the scales of a fish, and the face of a qilin, a fabulous composite animal with the antlers of a deer and the appearance of a horse and a deer. Its tiger-like legs end in eagle-like talons.

The best human hands have to give at the service of the Dragon The fabulous Dragon curls to form the number eight. The bas-relief engraving of the Dragon takes more than 70 hours to complete and is entirely handcrafted in 18K rose gold. A marvellous miniature painting in shimmering colours then brings out the finest details of the scales and the structure of its skin.

With its ruby eyes, the Dragon looks at two diamonds, which he will protect with his powerful paws that end in five claws, entirely hand-engraved.

An extraordinary material – an opal dial The body of the dragon is partly openworked, revealing the coloured fires of the opal. Generally lighter than the other varieties, this Australian opal is beautifully opalescent. These multicoloured hues certainly help to bring the dragon to life!

An exceptional mechanism: Calibre LM35 The exclusive DRAGON Tourbillon movement is hand-wound and beats at 21,600 vibrations an hour. It has a 72-hour power reserve, stored in a barrel with a hand-chased cover. This 60-second tourbillon movement was awarded the Gold Medal at the last International Chronometry Competition.

The DRAGON Tourbillon is presented in an exceptional case made of 18K rose gold and comprising over 50 distinctive elements.


18K Red Gold

Unique timepiece



Fire Dragon

18K Red Gold

Unique timepiece


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