Space Revolution

Space Revolution

18K Red Gold | Sapphire

Limited edition of 8 watches


Space Revolution

18K Red Gold | Sapphire

Unique timepiece


Space Revolution

18K Red Gold | Sapphire

Unique timepiece


Space Revolution

SPACE REVOLUTION features a new technology

two tourbillons whirling at high speed in opposite directions

18K Red Gold | Sapphire
Unique timepiece


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Space Revolution LM-104.50.20C

Caliber LM104

Manufacture Calibre - Flying Satellite Double Tourbillon


21600 VPH (3 Hz)

48 hours

Jewels: 56

Sapphire Top:
41.6 mm

18K Red Gold Base:
43.5 mm

Hours and Minutes

Hours and Minutes

10 meters


24 mm

Folding clasp

18K Red Gold | Sapphire
Gibeon meteorite dial

Swiss made

Spirit of the creation

The mechanism required over three years of research.

This exceptional 3D video enables you to immerse yourself in the complex mechanism of Space Revolution and observe its volume along with each of its elements in detail: two tourbillons rotating in opposite directions, at different speeds and on distinct levels, along with two spaceships also travelling in opposite directions and at different heights. An authentic technical and creative feat.

Technology enables a true feat

Two spaceships and two satellite tourbillons rotating around the dial, as well as the two tourbillon cages – each spinning on its own axis.

Two tourbillons are rotating at high speed in opposite directions. They cross paths 18 times/hour (i.e. every three minutes and twenty seconds) and are built on two levels. The first one revolves around the dial in five minutes (clockwise), and the other in ten minutes (counter-clockwise).

What technique was used to push existing limits?

More accurate than a tourbillon

Two oscillators with a differential gear mechanism

Perfect rotation and poising of the rotating elements

5 ball-bearings with 7 ceramic balls
1 ball-bearing with 9 ceramic balls

Two barrels

Each supplying energy to a tourbillon

Ultra-complex mechanism

470 components

Virtuoso assembly process

Only one movement per month 43 mm

Mysterious mechanism

The mechanism is hidden in the base of the chassis, measuring a mere 3.75 mm thick. The central column transmits orders to the tourbillons, spaceships and hands.

The advantage of this construction is to leave plenty of space so as to highlight the magic of the show being staged.

Spectacular tourbillons

The tourbillon cages are hexagonal and geometrically shaped.

Each cage weighs only 0.24 grams, in order to guarantee suitable speed through fine poising.

Intergalactic spaceships

The science-fiction inspired spaceships are made of high-tech titanium.

Titanium is ultra light. This lightness is essential for a very high-speed revolution: a complete turn of the dial takes five minutes for BLACK FORCE, and ten minutes for RED FORCE.

Black Force

RED Force

The finishing is hand-crafted and the vibrancy of the red and black colours stems from an applied lacquer.

Why such a fast speed?

It gives life to a playful show, in perpetual motion. The spaceship serves a technical function, acting as a counterweight to the opposite tourbillon.

A spaceship weighs 0.5 grams, barely more than a bird feather...

Extraterrestrial fragments

The fragments of lunar and Gibeon meteorite have travelled through interstellar space for billions of years before finding their place on this exceptional creation.
Gibeon meteorite dial

The Gibeon meteorite fell to Earth in prehistoric times. It was discovered in 1836 near the town of Gibeon, Namibia. It displays the unique Widmanstätten pattern and has a captivating midnight blue tint, adding remarkable originality to its appearance.

Moon meteorite

Moon meteorite is an exceptionally rare and valuable type of meteorite, with fewer than four hundred known specimens recorded worldwide. It journeyed through interstellar space before being captured by Earth's gravity, ultimately landing in Oman's Dhofar Desert.

Feel light

Maximal transparency enables one to admire a unique show.

The technical construction of the case is unusual:

  • a sapphire container mounted on an 18K gold chassis
  • openworked lugs and case middle
  • a sapphire dome and welded inner bezel ring
Lighter case
9.33 grams of sapphire and 60.11 grams of gold

Original time-setting

A selector placed on the case-back features two distinct positions for time-setting and winding.

The crown is no longer pulled out and is used to either set the hands or to wind the mechanism.

A themed presentation box

A themed presentation box for an original creation

The fastening system faithfully reproduces BLACK FORCE and stems from complex modelling and a painstaking production process.

The sphere is coated with a material immersing us into the graphic universe of meteorites.

A few figures

Light travels at a speed equivalent to
7.5 laps of the Earth per second.

0.24 grams. The weight of a tourbillon cage

0.5 grams. The weight of a spaceship

2 oscillators with a differential gear mechanism

3 years of development

8 limited-edition watches

18. The number of times per hour that the spaceships cross paths

43 mm. Case diameter

44 ceramic balls

470 components: the mechanism

300,000 km/sec. The speed of light, indicated instead of the minutes.
In 5 minutes, it travels 90 million kilometres.
In 10 minutes, it travels 180 million kilometres…
At this speed, a journey from the Earth to the Moon would take just over a second, and Mars would be 3 to 22 minutes away, depending on its orbital position.

Space Revolution

18K Red Gold | Sapphire

Limited edition of 8 watches


Space Revolution

18K Red Gold | Sapphire

Unique timepiece


Space Revolution

18K Red Gold | Sapphire

Unique timepiece


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