Qatar 001

Grade 5 Titanium
Unique timepiece


A unique piece for the first meteorite found in Qatar.

Blending cosmic grandeur and mechanical ingenuity is Louis Moinet's art. The meteorites, some older than Earth itself, have travelled from distant realms of our universe to ultimately find their place at the heart of Louis Moinet's horological creations. Each of these cosmic messengers has its own fascinating story. Among them is the Qatar 001, the first meteorite discovered in Qatar. It has been meticulously crafted and is now part of a unique work of art!

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Qatar 001 LM-135.20.QT

Qatar 001 Meteorite

The first meteorite found in Qatar

The Qatar 001 was the first ever to be found in the Emirate. It originated in the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter and journeyed over 260 million kilometres before touching down near Jariyan al Batnah.

Louis Moinet’s craftspeople and watchmakers met the technical challenge of carefully incorporating this H5 chondrite into the very heart of the watch. They meticulously carved out two discs from the meteorite that were cut and pierced and then beautify the centre of the dial and the backdrop to the tourbillon cage, the beating heart of the mechanism.

Mysterious onyx

An onyx, deep black and spellbinding, is part of the picture. This stone, which has been appreciated and ascribed many powers since antiquity, adds depth and brilliance to the dial thanks to its fascinating contrast with the meteorite.

Two meteorite discs and one in onyx, meticulously carved and pierced.

The flying tourbillon 

The QATAR 001 defies gravity in a captivating manner thanks to its flying tourbillon. The hand-wound mechanism is equipped with a double running barrel. This system, known as “volte-face”, has one barrel positioned upside-down on the other, allowing them to unwind simultaneously and offering a 96-hour power reserve.

Thanks to the architecture of the flying tourbillon, one can see the whole mechanism, creating the striking effect of a rotating cage in suspense.

The Qatar 001 meteorite is an exceptionally rare chondrite H5. It was carefully cut into a complex disc and then placed behind the tourbillon cage. The creation of this disc required exceptional meticulousness and expertise to meet the high demands of watchmaking.

The hand-wound mechanism is powered by two barrel in a so-called "volte-face" arrangement. This innovative system offers an impressive 96-hour power reserve.

Caliber LM135

Manufacture Calibre


28800 VPH (4 Hz)

96 hours

Jewels: 26

40.7 mm

Hours, Minutes

Hours, Minutes

30 meters


20 mm

Folding clasp

Grade 5 Titanium
Qatar 001 meteorite and onyx dial

Swiss made

The crowning glory

A titanium case

This exceptional work of art is housed in a 40-millimetre case with flowing and taut curves.

It is made of polished and satin-brushed, Grade 5 titanium. The sapphire dome, a genuine feat of high technicity, shows the fascinating details of the dial and the tourbillon. The openworked horns perfectly highlight the integration of the bracelet.

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