Geopolis Opal

18K Red Gold
Unique timepiece


An horological masterpiece in rainbow colours

The GEOPOLIS OPAL radiates unique artistry thanks to the opal, with its captivating range of colours. As the light glides over the twelve jewels, it flashes an ever-changing range of hues, transforming this timepiece into a veritable work of animated visual art.

The design of the GEOPOLIS OPAL has been rigorously thought out to celebrate the splendour of the opal. Ten opals delicately encrusted on small bases stand out against the intense black of the onyx dial to form a spellbinding rainbow. A larger opal disc takes pride of place in the centre. The twelfth gem nestles at the back of the tourbillon cage, under the beating heart of the regulating mechanism.

The GEOPOLIS OPAL displays a fascinating spectacle of colours with kaleidoscopic reflections. It’s a veritable delight for the senses and an invitation to contemplate.

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Geopolis Opal LM-135.50.OP

Caliber LM135

Manufacture Calibre


28800 VPH (4 Hz)

96 hours

Jewels: 26

40.7 mm

Hours, Minutes

Hours, Minutes

30 meters


20 mm

Folding clasp

18K Red Gold
Grade 5 titanium (Inner case)
Twelve discs of opal on an onyx dial

Swiss made

Earth’s treasure

The opal

The opal has a rich and varied history. It is an integral part of myths and legends the world over and has been described as the "light of the world”. In Indian mythology, for example, the Goddess of the Rainbow was turned into this beautiful gemstone to escape her suitors.

For GEOPOLIS OPAL, the choice fell on crystal opal, a highly sought-after variant for its vibrant and hypnotic spectrum of colours.

Dial artistry and gem cutting

The fragility and exquisiteness of opals demand meticulous cutting. Jean-Marie Schaller entrusted this delicate task to a renowned gem cutter, his friend Daniel Haas. The process requires patience, precision, and skill. Each opal has to be carefully cut and polished by hand and reduced to discs just 0.5 mm thick.

The creation of the dial illustrates the expertise of master dial-makers, who faced the challenge of arranging the opals in such a way as to create the rainbow effect. What drove the creation of the GEOPOLIS OPAL was this quest for perfection, and the result is a tribute to the art of watchmaking and the treasures of the Earth.

Haute horlogerie and the flying tourbillon

To defy gravity in a particularly spectacular way, the GEOPOLIS OPAL comes with an off-centre tourbillon in the subdial at 6 o’clock. The movement is hand-wound, with two barrel springs, providing an impressive ninety-six hours of power reserve. The system, known as “volte-face”, places one barrels upside-down over the other. This allows them to deliver their energy simultaneously for a ninety-six hour power reserve.

A noble case

This exceptional work of art is delicately framed by a red gold case, 40-millimetre in diameter and exhibiting fluid and well-defined lines. The highly technical sapphire crystal dome reveals the many fascinating facets of the opals below. The openworked lugs perfectly underline the integration of the bracelet.

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