ASTRONEF: The titanium version has landed

A winner of four international prizes, including recently from the German Design Award, the ASTRONEF is now being released in a grade-5 titanium version. It’s a very rare edition, as only eight watches will be made available to the world.

The ASTRONEF can be conceived as a valiant explorer of new horological frontiers in tune with the Louis Moinet mantra, namely “to produce an outstanding and magnetic effect.” It’s a quest that Louis Moinet himself would be proud of, since he also sought to push the limits of watchmaking in his day, notably, in 1816, by conceiving the world’s first chronograph.

The case’s undercarriage is of robust, lightweight titanium. It is topped by a covered container made of sapphire, which gives an unobstructed view of the satellite tourbillons. The latter are in cages that rotate at different speeds. They line up every three minutes and twenty seconds, a superb expression of mechanical precision and harmony.

This new edition is distinguished by the interplay of subtle contrasts. The warm red gold of the tourbillon cages and their counterweights creates a fascinating visual dialogue with the cool, modern hue of the titanium and the fine rhodium plating of the dial.

The ASTRONEF saga, the source of much horological adrenaline, has crossed a new milestone with the launch of this titanium edition. It has confirmed its status as a super-watch and opened the way to new and fantastic, unexplored wonders.

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