Guinness World Records : “First Chronograph”

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After the best part of six months of procedures and thorough investigations, Louis Moinet is especially proud to have become the official holder of the title of “First Chronograph”, awarded by the official Guinness World Records organisation.


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A satellite tourbillon forges a bond between Alexey Leonov and Louis Moinet Louis Moinet and Alexey Leonov have been drawn together by their twin destinies – the dreams of both having led to them making their mark in history. SpaceWalker is dedicated to Leonov – and a tribute to all those playing their part in the progress of humankind. The story is above all that of an individual – and like the greatest of all such stories, a tale of humility: that of Alexey Leonov, now 83. On March 18, 1965, he became the first man in the world to perform a spacewalk. While he may not be the best-known of spacefarers, often overshadowed by those involved in the moon race, he was a vital pioneer, in whose footsteps they followed. Then, too, there is the humility of Louis Moinet: the man now officially recognised as being the inventor of the chronograph, the author of one of the most foundational works in watchmaking – his 1848 Traité d’Horlogerie – and who nonetheless remained virtually unknown for the best part of two centuries. The destinies of Moinet the astronomer and Leonov the cosmonaut have been brought together in “SpaceWalker” – an exceptional contemporary creation dedicated to Alexey Leonov, a man who was not only the first to walk freely in space but also the initiator of one of the most symbolic gestures in all history – an interstellar handshake with his NASA counterpart in 1975, at the height of the Cold War, which went on to experience an unexpected thaw.


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Louis Moinet unveils its second-generation Tempograph 20-Secondes “The Tempograph has become one of our greatest successes, to the point that several versions have sold out and are now collectors’ items. A full black finish and an imposing new case now comprise the foundation of a whole new Tempograph generation. Its compelling appeal will doubtless lead to it quickly becoming a watchmaking icon in its own right.”


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Louis Moinet celebrates the Apollo-Soyuz mission that changed the face of the world “The space age may well be a technological saga, but above all it’s the story of individuals achieving the impossible, and in doing so accomplishing giant leaps for humankind as a whole. Skylink is our celebration of that spirit, championed of old by watchmaker and astronomer Louis Moinet himself.” Following on from SpaceWalker, the satellite tourbillon dedicated to Alexey Leonov’s 1965 space mission, Louis Moinet is now unveiling a second creation commemorating the great Russian cosmonaut’s 1975 Apollo-Soyuz adventure – the first joint space mission between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. Soyuz 19 was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, and Apollo from Cape Canaveral, Florida, before the two met up for mankind’s first ever rendezvous in space. A turning-point after 50 years of Cold War

The Louis Moinet Singapore Edition Watch

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“Louis Moinet, watchmaker and man of many arts, was above all a humanist. Early on in life, he set out to travel the world and explore its wonders. Two hundred years later, it is an honour to be pursuing this tradition of openness and sharing – and to be dedicating an original creation to a state as exceptional as Singapore. The piece combines our very best Swiss watchmaking knowhow with the ethos of the man himself, now a beacon for the whole world.” Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO & Creative Director, Ateliers Louis Moinet

MEMORIS RED ECLIPSE: first chronograph-watch in history

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The most prestigious version of Memoris is back – Red Eclipse. Now boasting a rose gold case and fully hand-engraved, with a lunar eclipse theme, this new interpretation wonderfully offsets the dominant blue of the astral micro-painting that adorns the dial.

SIDERALIS EVO – The double inverted tourbillon with the biggest cages in the world

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Sideralis, Louis Moinet’s interstellar double tourbillon, is back in orbit.

Memoris Red Eclipse – GPHG 2016

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Official Selection GPHG 2016 Read more

Sideralis Evo – GPHG 2016

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Official Selection 2016 Read more

200 Years in 24 Hours

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Experience again the 24 surprises of this exceptional event : Read more

News – Black Gold Derrick

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Black Gold Derrick

Louis Moinet’s spectacular new-look Derrick revolutionises the worlds of oil and watchmaking once more, with openwork mechanical parts of the movement further enhancing the technology involved in its extraordinary mechanism. The piece boasts a skeleton movement, haute horlogerie finishings, a three-day power reserve, and an all-new seconds display.

News – Sideralis

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Sideralis is an interstellar inverted double tourbillon, powering an exclusive complication : a sidereal mechanism. This animation displays successively Mars, the Moon, Mercury and authentic meteorites is a hand-crafted universe. Discover the collection here

200 YEARS IN 24 HOURS – Gift – a special Memoris Red Eclipse wallpaper…

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200 Years in 24 Hours Gift – special wallpaper background for your computer

200 YEARS IN 24 HOURS – Memoris Red Eclipse. An exceptional timepiece…

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200 Years in 24 Hours Discovery – Memoris Red Eclipse

200 Years in 24 Hours – Encounter – Julien Dumont

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200 Years in 24 Hours Encounter - Julien Dumont

200 YEARS IN 24 HOURS – Eclipse of the Moon, in the shadow of the Earth…

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200 Years in 24 Hours Observation – Eclipse of the Moon

200 YEARS IN 24 HOURS – A Louis Moinet book!

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200 Years in 24 Hours Scoop - A Louis Moinet book!

200 YEARS IN 24 HOURS – Win an authentic piece of the moon!

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200 Years in 24 Hours Win an authentic piece of the moon